Meet Lonnie Masterson from Remedy

February 5, 2014  ·  1:39 pm

On a good day, she’s compassionate and kind. Great at her job. Accountable, a no bS kinda gal.

But pragmatic and sarcastic works, too.

Check out Remedy premiering February 24th on Global TV.

Pizza Hut No Restrictions: Ginny

January 30, 2014  ·  4:41 pm


The third in the ongoing Pizza Hut family spots. Me makin’ it up as we go along….art~wise.

Remedy: Prodigal Son- New Promo

January 29, 2014  ·  12:07 pm

Global TV released a new promo for Remedy, premiering February 24th, 9 pm EST. Check it out here.

Pizza Hut- No Restrictions: Quality

January 24, 2014  ·  8:53 am

Here is the second of five internet spots we shot for Pizza Hut. I rather enjoyed working with exploding sugar glass….

Remedy Premiering Feb. 24th

January 21, 2014  ·  10:37 am

Here’s the latest on Remedy. Global TV in Canada will be airing it on Monday nights at 9 pm beginning February 24th. You can see video clips, follow online and catch up with episodes here.

Pizza Hut- No Restrictions

January 20, 2014  ·  4:47 pm


Here’s the first of a bunch of spots we shot for Pizza Hut in late December of 2013. Look for them online and on Canadian tv, starting today, January 20th. Lotsa fun to shoot.

Cold FX

January 9, 2014  ·  8:38 am

Here’s a quick 15 second spot we shot months ago. Just airing in Canada now and online wherever the interwebs takes it.


Remedy Sneak Peak from Global

January 3, 2014  ·  11:28 am

Here’s a great sneak peak at the upcoming Remedy on Global this winter. So proud to be a part of this show- keep watching, more to come.

Interview With Katie Chats

December 29, 2013  ·  7:18 pm

A while back I did a stand up with Katie of Katie Chats at the Splinter Unit Gala which I was involved with. I’m in a short called Remember This directed by Jacquie English. We also get to talk about Remedy, coming up this winter on Global.

Stills from Remedy

December 7, 2013  ·  2:23 pm

Here’s the gang…Diego Fuentes, Genelle WIlliams an Matt Ward, fooling around between takes. Look for Remedy early on in 2014 on Global…I’ll do my best to keep you posted. Check Twitter for updates, too.

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