Remedy on Global, Coming Soon

September 20, 2013  ·  6:25 pm

Thrilled to announce I’ll be starting production on the new Greg Spottiswood helmed series “Remedy” on Global, starring Enrico Colantoni. I’ll be playing Lonnie who is a PSA worker at the hospital- should be a ton of fun! Global has committed to 10 episodes. More to come…

Sterling Studio Theatre One Act Play Festival

April 16, 2013  ·  11:34 am

I’ve been rehearsing a new play, Hitler’s Ass, written by comic Carolyn Bennett, to be performed starting tonight April 16th and running through the 21st at Sterling Studio Theatre, here in Toronto. It’s a funny, smart, satirical piece, where I play a disgraced doctor who is involved with drug testing. Joining me in the cast are the wonderful and talented Zerha Leverman, Drew Nelson and Jerritt Boyce, making his stage debut. Directed by the wonderful Bruce Pitkin, with stage management and tech design/support by Angela Besharah. Sterling Studio Theatre is co helmed by Ms Besharah and the spirited and talented Sophie Ann Rooney. The fest runs for 3 weeks, with 2 new plays being done every week. Check out all the details here. Come on out!

Daily Dips at Waving, Not Drowning

March 4, 2013  ·  2:41 pm

I write. Daily. Short little pieces, creative outlet type fun stuff…here’s the link

Waving Not Drowning:

Check it out- there’s new material every day.
Or almost.
But that’s the aim: a daily practice.

Bounce: Milk

February 11, 2013  ·  8:24 am

Just caught this going to air this week in the US- the spot I did for Bounce….


Murdoch On The Corner

January 19, 2013  ·  11:33 am

It’s here- the Murdoch Mysteries episode I taped last summer or spring or fall or whenever. It is airing January 21st on CBC here in Canada at 9 pm or whenever it airs in your part of the country. It will be posted online after at for your online viewing enjoyment.

I’m still amazed that it was all my own hair….

Last Call- The Town Christmas Forgot

December 17, 2012  ·  7:46 am

The show that just keeps going….For all you in Canada who get the W Network, The Town Christmas Forgot has been airing all week on W. The last showing  is December 18, 7 pm EST, or check local listings for times in your area. It may still be in rotation on Hallmark in the USA as well, I’m not sure….

The Town Christmas Forgot, Hallmark Nov. 28th

November 24, 2012  ·  2:01 pm

It’s that time of year again, when the Christmas movies rise from the vaults and replay one more time. So if you missed The Town Christmas Forgot the first gajillion times or just can’t get enough of me as Sam Bee, not this Sam Bee who is actually a friend of mine, in my mustard polyester diner uniform, have at ‘er because it’s on again. I believe it’s airing in the UK judging from fan feedback- yay UK fans!- and will most likely be on again in Canada on the W network. This week it’s airing on Hallmark in the US of A on Wednesday, November 28th at 6/5 C so check your local listings. We had a blast making this film- I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was. Hope you get a kick out of it and Lauren Holly and I in felt Christmas trees.

Crazy Cat Lady Collective Calendar

November 24, 2012  ·  8:59 am

A great friend of mine, the lovely and talented Mary Krohnert, asked me to fill in at the last minute as part of the calendar shoot for the CCLC- the Crazy Cat Lady Collective, an artistic and provocative advocacy project created to help educate people about the plight of homeless and feral cats. It’s a wonderful project, created by an incredible group of women- all advocates for animal rights, welfare, safety and rescue. They have produced an amazing calender for 2013, available for sale online and in select stores in the Toronto are. Take a look and think about buying a few for yourself and friends this holiday season. One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards helping two self funded charity organizations, ARK and G&G Feral Cat Colony.

Shilling for Bounce

November 23, 2012  ·  6:05 pm

I got to shoot a really funny 15 second spot last week for Bounce out in King City at the most beautiful barn with my largest co star ever, a gorgeous 2000 lb Holstein named Trixie. Should go to air across the US in mid February, 2013.
Me, in a barn, milking a cow. Gold, baby. Pure gold.

Hanging Out In Liberty Village

October 31, 2012  ·  4:52 pm

I did some new shots with the fabulous David Spowart last week, just a kind of see what we get type of shoot, in a great old loft filled with vintage memorabilia in Liberty Village here in Toronto’s west end. I’ll post more as they come to light but here are a few to sample. Check out the Photos page for others.

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