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Kindness, sunrise, possibility.

What do you collect?  Ideas, experiences, hearts, good vegan recipes.


Theatre Gargantua Leaves A Ghostly Imprint On Audience

“it’s a good thing that Stephanie Belding (Lily) has an extensive background in dance and theatrical arts as most of the play featured extensive flocking and heavy mirroring.”

Bateman Reviews: Imprints

“Stephanie Belding provides great physical agility and an emotional range that is well suited to her pivotal role”

Imprints: Impressive staging and energetic performances give lift to an Alice-In-Wonderland journey

The ever-flowing production depends on Belding, onstage for most of the show. She literally throws herself into the work, and her physicality helps define Lily.

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants (The Grid TO)

The play concerns Lily (Stephanie Belding), a young woman with an incurable disease who is undergoing an experimental cryonics procedure.

Get To Know Our Artists: Stephanie Belding (Theatre Gargantua)

Stephanie Belding plays Lily in “Imprints”

Inside Rehearsal: Warm Up Video (Theatre Gargantua)

Password for video: Imprints

Theatre Gargantua: In The Blood (NOW Magazine)

“Thankfully, I did lots of physical work in my school days; it’s good to dive back into that world. ”

Medium Close-Up: Stephanie Belding (Toronto Stage)
“A National Theatre School of Canada graduate needs no formal introduction.”

The Great Gatsby, Classical Theatre Project (Mooney on Theatre)
“Though I liked all three Nicks, I was most impressed by Stephanie Belding.”

Demon Voice: Provoking questions (Plank Magazine)
“A tightly woven piece interconnecting the lives of six characters – all very different people, all confronting their desires and their fears.”

Unconvincing Voice as bleak as it gets (Langley Advance)
“Rachel (Stephanie Belding) . . . has had her demonic moments, too.”

Playwright Shawn Macdonald pries into the dark corners of intimacy in Demon Voice (Georgia Straight)
” . . . a dark and often surprising six-character exploration of intimacy.”

The Great Gatsby: More of a recitation than adaptation (Toronto Star)
“Fitzgerald’s story has proven more timeless than ever.”