The Town Christmas Forgot

Lauren Holly, Azer Greco, Stephanie Belding

Isn’t this a terrifically awkward and unflattering photo? Awesome! Thanks so much.

This was taken by an onlooker while filming The Town that Christmas Forgot in Millbrook, ON on the hottest day of the year in September. I think the temperature climbed near 40 degrees C. Of course, it was the day we were scheduled to do all of our winter exteriors, in complete seasonal dress- toques, boots, scarves and sweaters. The sun was blazing and nary a cloud was in sight, hence the full on squinting we acted through. I had never seen an actor’s makeup slide off their face before. Steamy, to say the least.

I was at Urban Post on Tuesday doing ADR so I saw some footage and it looks great. It goes to air on the Hallmark Channel November 25 and on Corus network here in Canada around that time as well. As with Growing The Big One, I’ll keep you posted of any updates.